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This Harlem Studio + Backyard Is A Mind-Blowing $900/Month

This is the oft-spoken-of, never-actually-seen unicorn of New York apartments. It's a studio for $900/month that has... wait for it... a private backyard. Sure, no square footage is given, so it's tiny. Sure, it's located in a townhouse on West 120th Street, between Manhattan and Morningside avenues. But your own outdoor space for a mere $900/month without having to put up with roommates is sort of the dream, right? Harlem Bespoke first spotted the listing, which has been up for a week.

This block was ranked Number 2 on our list of top neighborhoods in Harlem for 2013 and the apartment also has a separate kitchen from the bedroom area. Word has it that the first open house this past Sunday was a success so this gem of a rental might not be available any longer. So the kitchen is not in the living area. No smokers and no dogs—but that's a small price to pay. Can there be bidding wars for rentals? Run, don't walk.

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