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Serial Buyer Taylor Swift Eyes Storied Village, Soho Townhomes

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Pop songstress Taylor Swift is notorious for becoming romantically entangled with a string of bold-faced names—and subsequently writing irrepressibly catchy songs about them. The same could be said for real estate, minus the serving-as-muse bit. The Pennsylvania-born hitmaker currently splits her time between a predictably quirky apartment in Nashville, a Beverly Hills clapboard colonial, and a palatial Rhode Island waterfront estate.

A New York home might be next on the list. The News reports Swift was spotted house-hunting in the West Village/Soho/Hudson Square area on Wednesday with Corcoran's Sharon Baum, touring at least two historic townhouses with some impressive provenance: West Side Story playwright Arthur Laurents' 4BR/5BA on Saint Luke's Place that dates to the 1850s (pictured above and below) and is asking $12 million; and then 22 Charlton Street, a much-hyped John Jacob Astor-built 1820s Federal home with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a backyard decked out with fanciful animal sculptures that wants a comparably more affordable $6.25 million. Serial dater, serial buyer... it's all the same, right?

A quick refresher: above, the $12M 9 Saint Luke's Place, where Laurents lived until he passed away in 2006. It first hit the market in September. Next, take a look inside 22 Charlton Street. It's perhaps no less grand, with an impressive central staircase that belongs in this line-up. This 4BR/4BA has been PriceChopped several times since it was first listed in 2010 for a whopping $10 million. Remember, this one now wants $6.25M.

Which one of these houses will be the lucky one... forever and always? Her place in this world? Will Swift ever stay, stay, stay in NYC rather than gallivanting between her residences?

She did tall Vanity Fair (as per the NYDN) that she makes real estate purchases that align with her romantic pursuits: "I apparently buy houses near every boy I like—that's a thing that I apparently do." ... "If I like you, I will apparently buy up the real estate market just to freak you out so you leave me." Without knowing whether there's any Downtown denizen she's aiming to smother, we can safely say that celeb-savvy New Yorkers might be more understanding than her Rhode Island neighbors, who are complaining about the wall of boulders she's erecting on her private beachfront. Maybe she'll write a song about a loving (and maybe losing?) a house next. Bidding wars and neighbor beefs must make for great twangy, emotionally laden lyrics. We can only hope.
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