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255 Columbia Street 80% Sold; Remembering 285 Kent

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CARROLL GARDENS—255 Columbia Street, a passively designed 13-unit building that launched sales in October, is already 80 percent sold, according to Stribling, who is handling the sales and marketing. (It actually sounds like ten out of the 13 units have sold, which is 77 percent, but close enough?) Prices on the remaining units range from $975,000 to $1.475 million, with the 4BR penthouse set to hit the market in early spring. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

WILLIAMSBURG—DIY music venue 285 Kent closed last month (apparently Jay-Z didn't come through) and ANIMAL NY has conducted a bunch of interviews with artists who performed there, staffers, and management and compiled them into a sort of oral history. There are a lot of pretty great quotes ("A really great venue, like 285, is a place where if you got cut, you'd be worried about it the next day," -Dan Deacon). Ultimately, no one seems incredibly surprised that it met its end what with the stratospheric desirability of waterfront Williamsburg real estate. [ANIMAL NY; previously]