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Fidi's New Sheraton Is 'Terrible,' Less Metallic Than Expected

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The long-dormant Four Points by Sheraton on Platt and Pearl streets got revived in 2012, and now it's almost complete. Initial renderings of the 264-roomer left us wondering about the lack of windows, but it's hard to know until the building has risen. And lo, it has. Thanks to a tipster who shot the photo above right, who wrote in that the structure is almost done, "with the structure and most of the facade now complete." Oh, the tipster also called it "terrible."

Watch this corner, because listen: "Now the lot right at the corner of Platt & Pearl has switched from just construction staging area to a construction site all its own, as they've started on the foundation for the Marriott at 215 Pearl, which will be even taller, but with the same tiny windows and a much more hostile blank facade on Pearl. Ugh." Don't you want to look at the rendering for that hotel now?
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