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Boaz Gilad Just Going to Tear Bushwick Church Down Instead

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In a somewhat predictable move, developer Boaz Gilad is not going to stack a condo building on top of an existing Bushwick church after all. Applications filed last week with the Department of Buildings and spotted by Brownstoner today show that the church at 1255 Bushwick Avenue will instead be—mercifully—torn down and replaced with a brand new seven-story, 32-unit building. The architects are still Gilad favorites Isaac & Stern, who are responsible for the original design.

No new building permits have been filed for 1255 Bushwick's spiritual sibling, 991 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights (another Gilad/Isaac & Stern collaboration), however, so for the time being that one appears to be going ahead as planned—which is sort of okay. As hideous as both of the designs are, our morbid curiosity is forcing us to kind of root for at least one of them to actually be built (followed immediately by the End of Days, of course).
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