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40 Vintage Photos of Brooklyn's Streetscape In The 1970s

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The Museum of the City of New York recently beefed up its (already fantastic) archive of historic photos by digitizing the collection of photographer Edmund V. Gillon (h/t Gothamist). According to the museum, Gillon shot New York in the 1970s and '80s, focusing mostly on architecture and capturing the city's historic districts and landmarks. "His photographs bring to life not only the countless readily apparent changes that have taken place in the city's urban landscape over the past several decades," writes the museum, "but also the many subtle changes that transformed neighborhoods such as SoHo, Tribeca, and Dumbo as they transitioned, building by building, from gritty wastelands into the vibrant urban oases they have become." His collection holds more than 1,000 photos, and for this brief look at his work, we pulled 40 of our favorites that show Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, and a few other Brooklyn neighborhoods during the 1970s.

· Edmund V. Gillon Collection [MCNY]
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