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Where Renters Can (And Can't) Get Deals In Brooklyn Right Now

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It's every New Yorker's dream to understand the capricious vagaries (yes, that's redundant) of rental pricing. Where are rents rising or falling right now? That's why listing site Rentenna has put together a data lovers' monster of a map that not only lists the average price per neighborhood—handy! easy on the eyes!—but also color-codes the whole borough block by block based on pricing changes in 5,000 listings over the last 30 days. If it's red ($$$), it means there's been an increase in the last month; they're in areas you'd expect, like Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, and Dumbo. Green ($) means there's been a decrease, and that's where to find the "hidden deals." For example, in Fort Greene, Greenpoint, and Windsor Terrace. Blue ($$) means rents fall in line with the median. And yes, remember it's all relative. Winter is by far the cheapest time to move, so what are you waiting for?

Click on the map, and it will pop up into its gloriously large size. Perfect for zooming into the nooks that renters should be investigating this winter..

Rentenna dissected Manhattan rents in the same manner last week, too.
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