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Trio Of Zig-Zagging Rental Towers Now Rising In Jersey City

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Welcome to State o' the Garden State, a semi-regular Curbed feature in which we explore the new developments under construction and newly for sale in Hoboken and Jersey City. Have a new development you'd like us to consider? Let us know via the tipline.

Westward-facing Manhattanites will soon be treated to a new addition on the Jersey City skyline: a trio of kind-of-cantilevering apartment towers. Ground broke today on the first building, which will rise 69-stories to be the tallest residential building in New Jersey (isn't that cute?). Called URL Harborside, the project is being developed by Mack-Cali Realty Corporation, along with partner Ironstate Development Company. "URL" stands for "Urban Ready Living," which a press release says is a concept developed by Ironstate to "provide people with innovative housing that maximizes space, reduces energy consumption, is more environmentally sustainable, offers close and easy access to public transportation, and provides public areas that foster community." The buildings, which look like blue boxes that were haphazardly stacked, were designed by Dutch firm Concrete, so it goes without saying that they'll have plenty of flood-proofing features (that's pretty much what the Dutch do best).

The first tower, named URL Harborside 1, will hold 763 rental units, and when all three towers are complete by mid-2016, there will be a total of 2,358 apartments. No word on pricing or what types of units they will be, but the architects' website provides a few more details:

The towers of 220m. and 66 stories high consist of 2500 apartments, commercial space and a parking garage. [...] The plan is part of a new housing concept developed by concrete, based on affordable, compact but spatial, partly furnished rental apartments. The different types of apartments are flexible in use and therefore adaptable to any lifestyle. Common facilities such as a lobbycafe, gym, roof gardens and terraces provide space for neighbours to meet and create a local community. The project started with the creation of an identity for this new housing brand, resulting in the architectural design of the buildings.Clearly, there will also be an outdoor swimming pool.
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