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East 59th Street Building Could Feature Angular Cantilever

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[UPDATE: CD3 reached out to let us know that ABS Partners is not, in fact, the owner of this site, and that air rights have not been purchased, and that the project is currently on hold. Curbed regrets the errors.]

Having large new developments cantilever over small neighboring buildings is a trend that is gaining steam by the day. The newest addition to the cantilevering craze: the ABS Partners-developed 308 East 59th Street.

The 16-story mixed-use project will loom over its five-story neighbor, which is complicit, having sold off its air rights to allow the C3D Architects-designed building to grow to 150 feet tall (and a varying and indeterminate number of feet wide). The angular shape of the design is somewhat (but not entirely) reminiscent of Carlos Zapata's Pope Hat Building (since replaced by a design from COOKFOX), while its asymmetrical design makes it look like its leaning away from the Queensboro Bridge access ramp that it abuts. This is, to be fair, a more interesting design that many of the blatantly opportunistic cantilevers that we've seen in the recent past, and those downward slanted windows look kind of terrifying, in a fun(?) way. ABS bought the site in 2011 for $2.5 million.
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