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Another Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park Penthouse Listed for $23M

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In October, a 7,500-square-foot duplex penthouse in the Ritz-Carlton, Battery Park briefly attempted to set a Downtown condo record when it was listed for $56.5 million, only to be taken off the market five days later. (Maybe it got its feelings hurt by all the Curbed commenters calling it "insanely overpriced," a "bad investment," and "a land lease in a neighborhood that is particularly shitty to live in.")

Now another penthouse in the building has taken its place on the market, with a less ambitious (but still pretty ambitious) asking price of $23 million. The 4,293-square-foot duplex features, to its credit, tons of windows with Hudson River views, and, to its detriment, $12,437 in monthly costs. The current owners came by the apartment in 2005, paying $4.8 million, and are now looking to quintuple their money.

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