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20 Bayard Time-Lapse; Sterling Mason Penthouse Asks $23M

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WILLIAMSBURG—The marketing of PHB in Karl Fischer's 20 Bayard involves this time-lapse video, filmed from one of the apartment's private terraces. The video is especially helpful for buyers who are wondering whether night becomes day and then night again in Williamsburg. (Side note: is it a legal requirement for every time-lapse video to feature annoying techno music? Why does that have to be the official soundtrack of time-lapses?) [Youtube; previously]

TRIBECA—The second of three penthouses in the Morris Adjmi-designed Sterling Mason building has hit the market for $23 million, according to The Real Deal. The apartment is a 5,620-square-foot duplex with six beds, five baths, and three half-baths. The building's first penthouse sold for $21 million in October. [TRD; previously]

20 Bayard

20 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY