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Here's the Floorplan for One Riverside Park's 6BR Penthouse

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Sales at Extell's One Riverside Park remain confusing, but a tipster has sent along the floorplan for one of the developments penthouses, claiming that the 6BR/8.5BA apartment is priced at $19.75 million. The unit totals 6,168 square feet, and features a private elevator landing, a huge living room and dining room separated by a two-sided fireplace, and a library.

The listing itself is nowhere to be found on the building's official site, however. Extell originally launched sales for the project in November, but pulled all units off the market once they realized—as a result of 70 of the 219 units selling in the first ten days—that they had priced everything too low. Sales were supposed to relaunch last week, but listings are nowhere to be found on the website. Our tipster did include, however, a link to a sales page. It's unclear whether it's an old page or what—none of the floorpan PDFs open and the links to the individual listings don't show anything, but, if it is new and the pricing is to be believed, the prices for the first units to be re-offered will range from $1.415 million for a 1BR to $6.425 million for a 3BR. We'll update again once more concrete information presents itself. In the meantime, let's all just ogle that penthouse floorplan.
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