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The Financial District's Newest Hotel Will Look Like This

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It appears that things are starting to move along at 24 John Street, where a hotel conversion has been in the works in since 2008. A tipster noticed that the building is growing taller and that a rendering had been posted on the construction fence and sent the pictures our way, although it also turns out that NY YIMBY noticed that stuff last month. As YIMBY points out, the tower, uncharacteristically for a new Manhattan hotel, will respect the existing street-wall, aligning itself with the neighboring buildings for its first six floors and setting back the next 15. The rendering doesn't look great, although with all the Gene Kaufman hotel designs that have been surfacing in recent weeks, it seems more or less excusable by comparison. (The top part seems pretty Kaufman-esque, though.)

In order to build the hotel, the three-story commercial building that exists already at 24 John is being renovated and expanded vertically—a lot. Once completed, the hotel will rise to 206 feet tall, with 21 floor and 128 rooms. The developer is Westbury LLC, according to DOB permits, and the architect is Gerald Caliendo, who, while not a household name, is quite prolific.
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