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Confusing East Village 'Live/Work' Loft Wants $1.9 Million

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This 2,600-square-foot East Village loft, listed for $1.9 million, is kind of weird. It appears to be two half-heartedly combined apartments, but then again, those two apartments must have been pretty weird in the first place, and what's with all the tile? There's some sort of Inception-style room-within-a-room-within-a-room going on in the right half of the unit. And then in the "office" on the left, there's a(n additional) kitchen and a bed, so really you could just live in that room. And also, so many closets. Closets everywhere. This does not seem like efficient layout.

On the plus side, there's track lighting throughout, a string of chandeliers, and a stuffed deer head. Oh no, wait, that's also really weird.

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