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Drunk Dial From the Bathtub of This $20M Park Avenue Pad

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Park Avenue's incredibly expensive prewar co-ops tend to strike a balance, of sorts, between lavish and absurd, although this one in 625 Park Avenue may be leaning a little more heavily towards the latter. The dining room's coffered ceilings with two different emblems in alternating squares—like some sort of anti-gravity chessboard—are a particularly weird-but-kind-of-cool touch. But without a doubt the best part of the 5,300-square-foot apartment, just listed for $19.75 million, is the little bar next to the bathtub in (what we hope is) the master bath, healthily stocked with three bottles of dark liquor and a smaller bottle of something clear, and a telephone. Getting drunk in a bathtub while yelling at people on the phone—now that's living, Park Avenue style.

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625 Park Avenue

625 Park Avenue, New York, NY