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City Approves Demolition of East 14th Street Storefronts

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Demolition permits for a row of storefronts on East 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B were approved by the city yesterday, and spotted by EV Grieve. The storefronts, which, until recently, included such establishments as Blarney Cove, Rainbow, the ABC Animal Hospital, Stuyvesant Grocery, and Pete's-a-Pizza, were cleared out so that Gary Barnett's Extell could build a seven-story residential and retail development in their place. The project, according to a retail listing from RKF, will be ready for tenants in the first quarter of 2016. There is one building that is apparently not included in the demolition/development plan—a tenement at 520 East 14th Street that houses a Dunkin Donuts on the ground floor. If you look closely at the conceptual rendering (above) provided by RKF, you can see that the project will rise on both sides of that building. So cheer up, East Villagers. At least the Dunkin Donuts will survive.

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