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The Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year: S.I.'s St. George!

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It wasn't even close. In the Curbed Cup finals, No. 15 seed Staten Island North Shore neighborhood St. George trounced Greenpoint, which was ranked 8th at the start of the tourney. St. George earned 76.7 percent of the vote in a matchup that garnered a pretty epic turnout by Curbed Cup standards, with almost 2,000 ballots cast. (It was probably helped by the all-out booster campaign championed by SI Live and various Twitter feeds, among others.) Big congratulations to the underdog with lots of heart—at least as displayed by many spirited commenters, anyway—you are 2013's neighborhood of the year. May your giant observation wheel and mega outlet mall breaking ground this year be the catalyst and everything else you hope it will be.
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