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Empty South Williamsburg Lot Is Getting A Six-Story Condo

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UPDATE: While a representative for the developer told Curbed that this project would be designed by Morris Adjmi, the architecture firm has told us that is not true. Adjmi & co. are in no way involved with this new condo building. Curbed regrets the error.

An empty south Williamsburg site that used to hold a parking lot will soon see a six-story condo building designed by Morris Adjmi, an architect who has been quite busy lately. Developer Ilan Bracha of B+B Capital is behind the project, rendered above, and he recently closed on the property for $6.5 million. The six-story project will go by the address of 200 South Third Street, though the Department of Buildings listed the lots as 194-196 South Third Street. It will have 45,000-square-feet of condos, with indoor parking and 15,000-square-feet on the first floor for community space, which may be occupied by an art school.

No new permits have been filed with the DOB, though previous plans for a six-story building were approved back in 2006. The project is located between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street, and it is Bracha's first development in the Brooklyn. After it was revealed that Morris Adjmi is not, in fact, the designer for the development, the architect remains a mystery. The design seems rather uninspired, with a monotonous facade of huge windows, and those street level garage doors are certainly less than welcoming.
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