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One Riverside Park Launches Sales, Again, For Real This Time

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After an initial false start, Extell's One Riverside Park has once again launched sales with 27 new listings appearing on Streeteasy yesterday. Among those is the 6BR penthouse that we got a look at last week, which is actually priced at a very-slightly-higher-than-expected $19.84 million (and now has a couple renderings of its own). That's not even the most expensive unit, though, as a 5,739-square-foot, 7BR duplex with 4,565 square feet of terrace space that includes a swimming pool is priced at $25.75 million. Unfortunately, that one does not include a floorplan.

The rest of the available units range from $15.35 million for a 5BR with terrace space to $1.9 million for a 2BR without. No 1BRs are currently listed. The listings also include some new renderings with a very happily family of scalies and a bunch of heretofore unseen floorplans >>

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