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Apple Cube Shatters; The Gowanus Canal Not Just Toxic; More!

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MIDTOWN—Rumors are flurrying about that a snowblower is responsible for the very cracked panel of glass in the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store cube. 9to5Mac did the math and, according to them, that's roughly $450,000 worth of damage. Despite its marred appearance, the store remains open. [9to5Mac]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Joseph Alexiou is bringing his popular Brooklyn Brainery lecture about the history of Gownaus to the Brooklyn Historical Society for one night only. The March 17 event is sure to delight with facts and stories about the neighborhood and the now-toxic canal which, as an event announcement informs, "used to be home to delicious foot-long oysters." [PardonMeForAsking; previously]
HARLEM—After five months on the market, the 54-unit One Morningside Park at 321 West 110th Street is now 70 percent sold. Construction is expected to be completed in the spring. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]