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Film Buff Packs Charm, DIY Projects Into A 295-Sq-Foot Studio

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Reno Productions' head of development, Evan Pohl, took his 295-square-foot Upper East Side studio and created a blog around it, called This Is Not A House. After a few DIY projects, a bit of upcycling, and just a smidge of dumpster diving, he may not have transformed his pocket of New York City into a proper house, but it certainly is a home. Apartment Therapy took a tour and detailed how he made his small rental cozy but not claustrophobic—despite a dearth of natural light and a landlord-imposed ban on painting the walls. Wall pieces and furniture that reference movies reveal his love of film, while he built the main light fixture himself. The tiny patio's decor was another built-from-scratch project, and he installed an extra shelf above the toilet to make use of every available spot for storage. Check out AT for more photos, because this pad could definitely join the annals of the Microdwellings hall of fame.

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