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Just-Expanded Bushwick Mansion Getting Expanded Again

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The Bossert Mansion, built in 1887 as the personal residence of hotelier/lumber baron Louis Bossert (of Hotel Bossert fame), was purchased in March of 2012 for $1.3 million by a Williamsburg-based developer and received a renovation and addition at the hands of architect Nataliya Donskoy. The renovation added 2,300 square feet and converted the building to multi-family residential use, with a total of 20 units. All things considered, it is by far the most tasteful and subdued work we've seen from Donskoy, a Robert Scarano disciple who is responsible for 146 South 4th Street, a tumor of an addition to a Clinton Hill row house, and other designs that resemble Hasbro toys in various stages of transformation.

It may have seemed, briefly, that the Bossert Mansion had dodged a bullet, but in December Donskoy filed a new application for a second enlargement, which would add a fourth floor, maxing out the FAR and bringing the total number of units to 35. Why Donsky/the developers would complete one addition only to begin work on a second one months later is unclear, but it seems increasingly likely that this building is about to get properly Donskoyed.

There is currently a partial stop work order on the property.
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