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Alexander Wang River Hops; Camouflage Fades Away; More!

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And now, the latest from Racked NY, shopping and retail from the sidewalks up...

1) Nolita: As if the neighborhood isn't trendy enough yet, signage for a new Helmut Lang store has appeared at the corner of Prince and Elizabeth. The store is poised to open in spring 2014.

2) Chelsea: After 38 years in business, Chelsea menswear shop Camouflage locked its doors for good. Apparently, in its last days, the store not only sold off its products, but also the fixtures that "made the store seem like a timeless oasis in a neighborhood that has changed dramatically since the store opened in 1976."

3) Brooklyn: A collective grumble disseminated across the fashion world when Alexander Wang announced that he is moving his seminal New York Fashion Week show from Manhattan's Pier 94 to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Wang attempts to chalk the move up to how well the venue " this season's creative concept." But with this It-boy at the forefront, the fashion world should get used to trekking in their inappropriate footwear.

4) Greenwich Village: Jerry's Newsstand of Astor Place is back in business after a relative hiccup in its 25-year residency. The newsstand has been operating without an official license from the DCA since its inception.
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