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Under-Construction Cobble Hill House Tries Again at $4.475M

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2A Strong Place, one of three adjacent townhouse currently under construction in Cobble Hill, hit the market for $4.15 million back in March and was taken off the market in September. Now the five-story single-family home is back with (for some unknown reason) an increased asking price and interior renderings, seeking a buyer willing to pay $4.475 million.

The Brennan Real Estate-developed/marketed project has a history of ambitious asking prices. When neighboring 2 Strong Place, the largest of the three houses, was listed in 2011 (before the design had even gotten approved by the Landmarks Commission), it sought to set a neighborhood record with a $5.95 million asking price. It was taken off the market the following August, and has not returned since. (It's also worth noting that the houses used to be known respectively as 2, 4, and 4A—with no 2A—which makes the whole thing slightly confusing.) The houses are expected to be completed this spring. The developers also had a pretty cool construction time-lapse video made.

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