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Map: The Real Estate Empires Of NYC's 9 Richest Developers

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As it is wont to do, Forbes has come out with the latest valuations of the world's richest people, and this year the wealth experts have zeroed in on New York's billionaire developers. There are nine of them, from Related's Stephen Ross (net worth: $4.8 billion) and Tishman Speyer's Jerry Speyer ($3.5B) to Richard LeFrak ($5.6B) and Donald Trump ($3.5B). Notably, creator-of-Dumbo David Walentas of Two Trees cracks the list, with a net worth of $1.4 billion, and there's a detailed profile on his past millions-making in that area and his plans to transform Williamsburg's waterfront. They've all got holdings all over the place, so Forbes created a handy map so as to encapsulate their dominance. Check it out.

Click on the map, but be warned, it will pop out. According to Forbes, colored diamonds "represent the corresponding billionaires' key New York holdings. In some cases they own just stakes in the buildings or parts of them."

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