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Here Are the 10 Most Expensive Homes Available in Queens

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The emergence last week of Queens' new most expensive individual apartment got us wondering—just what are the borough's priciest properties? While the most expensive listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn have been well-catalogued, the most extravagantly priced residences in Queens is, well, who knows. So, without further ado, here are the ten most expensive residential properties (excluding multi-family apartment buildings) currently on the market, according to Streeteasy, in New York City's largest borough.

1) The most expensive listing in Queens, this $3.8 million brick mansion in Forest Hills, has a bidet, of course. It also has an absolutely enormous living room and knee-to-ceiling windows made, apparently, of one-way glass. There must have been some secretive stuff going on in this place. It was listed back in August.

2) The pictures aren't very good (this will become a running theme), but this brick mansion in Howard Beach, built in 2007, has five beds, five baths, and a heated pool with a jacuzzi. It's asking $2.8 million, and has been since August of 2011.

3) This penthouse in Long Island City's The View is asking $2.5 million, and we've already talked about it.

4) In The Rockaways, this beach block house with an in-ground pool and two fireplaces is asking $2.5 million.

5) This $2.3 million house in Beechhurst includes a home theatre, "double jacuzzi," walk-in shower with 15 shower heads, radiant heated floors throughout, and an atrium.

6) This newly renovated 5BR/5BA home in Jamaica Estates was listed nine months ago for $2.2 million. It features an impressively large entrance and an indoor pool. There also appears to be a good-sized backyard and multiple terraces.

7) This 3,207-square-foot house in Forest Hills somehow, apparently, includes six beds and seven baths, and it could maaaaaybe use a little updating. (That double TV setup in one of the bedrooms is pretty fancy, though.) It was listed for $2.15 million in October.

8) Back to Beechhurst we go with this brick mansion, built, according to the brokerbabble, by "Greek And Italian Master Craftmen." It is one of the more lavish—if not necessarily attractive—properties on this list, and is asking $2 million.

9) Another apartment (!), a penthouse in Forest Hills' Pinnacle Condominium, is asking $1.8 million, down slightly from the the $2 million it was asking when it was listed back in May. The duplex condo has three beds, three baths, and lots of windows.

10) And sticking in Forest Hills, this 1925 10-room house is asking $1.6 million. There are no interior photos, but it claims to include a wood-burning fireplace and "Baronial Size Master Bdr."