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For $95M, Someone Can Buy Most Of The Top Floor of 15CPW

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The same week that billionaire Leroy Schecter dropped the asking price on his 35th floor combo in 15 Central Park West to a paltry $65 million, the only other another unit on the floor came to market for $30 million. Coincidence? It seems not. Both listings are held by Brown Harris Stevens, and even though they aren't listed together (contrary to this Post headline), it appears that the brokers are fishing for one wealthy high-roller to snap them up together for $95 million. "The combination of the apartments offers the possibility of the biggest apartment in all of 15CPW—it is astonishing just to think of all that space up there," broker Paula Del Nunzio, who holds the listing for Schecter's 35 A/B, told the Post. Combine, the units total 8,760-square-feet. Before the PriceChopper had its way, Schecter once listed his own unit for a full $95 million, so we imagine he's feeling a little salty about this ultra-boring newbie trying steal his thunder.

UPDATE: It seems that we (and the Post) forgot about the 35th floor's fourth unit, 35D. That home is not for sale; it sold for $21.5M back in 2009. This 35A/B/C combo is only three-quarters of the top floor, not the entire thing. So if someone does drop $95M for these units, they're still going to have a neighbor.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023