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9/11 Museum To Charge $24 Admission When It Opens In May

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When the long-awaited 9/11 Museum finally opens in mid-May, adults will be charged $24 admission. The Journal reports that the price was approved as part of the museum's $63 million operating budget, created in order to keep the museum functioning without government support. The museum's board and city officials have repeatedly tried to obtain federal funding for the new institution, but they've been unsuccessful, though an appeal is planned. Since the museum announced last year that admission would cost between $20 and $25, many have expressed outrage, arguing that the museum should be free, like the memorial. But unlike other cultural institutions, the museum has no endowment and no government funding.

The museum will always be free for families of September 11 victims, and general admission will be offered for free three hours every Tuesday evening. There will be discounts for senior citizens, students, first responders, and recovery workers. President of the museum Joseph Daniels said in a statement (via Crain's) that the ticket cost will ensure the 9/11 Memorial remains free. Since its opening, construction fencing has surrounded the memorial, and timed tickets were needed. But when the museum opens, the fencing will finally be able to come down, allowing the public to come and go without restriction.
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Photo via 9/11 Memorial Facebook