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East Village 'Frat House' Asks $11,500/Month on Craigslist

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Want to pay $2,000/month to live with five other dudes in an East Village "frat house"? (Of course you do.) Then look no further than Craigslist. (Obviously.)

EV Grieve spotted this incredible/horrifying Craigslisting for a $11,500/month 6BR/3BA apartment in, apparently, the newly renovated 205 Avenue A. The brokerbabble boasts, in all caps (what else), of "A KITCHEN THAT WILL EVOKE WONDERFUL MEALS." (Looking at the kitchen, you are your frat brothers will remember having eaten wonderful meals at some point in the past, right before passing out on top of a half-eaten Dominos pizza.) Anyway, good luck to everyone who ends up living in the other apartments in this building, unless they're all frat apartments, in which case good luck to no one.
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