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World Trade Center Fence Finally Coming Down After 13 Years

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After 13 years, the Port Authority has announced plans to begin dismantling the construction fence that surrounds the World Trade Center site, the Wall Street Journal reports, marking a milestone in reintegrating the 16-acre site back into the downtown landscape. Currently, the fence surrounds the September 11 Memorial as well as several WTC buildings and an in-progress transportation center. The fence runs along Vesey Street at the North, West Street and Church Street at the West and East respectively, with visitors to the memorial queueing at the southernmost border near Albany Street. While no date has been set for a portion of the fence's dismantling, the president of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum thinks it could be as soon as May. A Port Authority representative said it was possible that this year the fence would be taken down along the west side of the memorial plaza, the south end along Liberty Street, and along a portion of long-severed Greenwich Street. Have photos of the fence? Send them to
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Greenwich Street and Vesey Street, New York, NY