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East 31st Street Hotel Comes Back To Life With New Look

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Many moons ago, way back in the olden days of 2009, plans were announced for a 36-story hotel at 11 East 31st Street, an empty lot tucked between Fifth and Madison Avenues. However, like so many projects planned in those days, nothing ever happened and the site remained empty. But no longer! New York YIMBY spotted action at the site, and a fresh rendering plastered to the construction fencing. Gwathmey Siegel Kaufman is the architect, and there will be 260 rooms. The height has been reduced to 33-stories, and there will be a small cantilevering column of windows over its eastern neighbor. As the renderings show, the building will be mostly glass, with a rooftop lattice thing around the mechanicals that matches the ornamentation around the entrance. It's unclear what that material is, and we're unsure if we like it.

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