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Woolworth Building Unveils Teaser Site For 34 Condos-To-Be

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Alchemy Properties is turning the top 30 floors of the century-old, too-iconic-for-words Woolworth Building into condos, making it one of the most exciting conversions since, oh, forever. Another milestone on the journey came this morning, when the teaser site for the Woolworth Tower Residences went live. Sure, there's just a little Flash intro, a logo, and a place to sign up for more details as they are available, but still—people will soon live in the erstwhile tallest building in New York City, the gilded, Gothic Cathedral of Commerce. There will be 34 one- to -four bedrooms, with the most luxurious being a five-story penthouse at the very top. Prices will be at least $3,000/square foot, and sales are expected to launch in the second quarter of this year. Apparently the sales gallery will be in an uber-cool location, too. Please do sent any intel to the tipline.

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