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Comment Of The Day

"Instead of expanding yet again on this MOMA location, which focuses for the most part on 20th century art, why wouldn't they expand their PS1 branch which is meant to focus on contemporary art and clearly needs a larger space? Not necessarily in Queens and probably more likely downtown or Brooklyn where the art world has slowly migrated in the last 30 years: Chelsea, LES/Chinatown and, though a bit adventurous for MOMA, in Bushwick. If I were them I would build an entirely new PS1 museum focusing on contemporary art such as the New Museum or the new Whitney. Otherwise the huge crowd of tourists will soon be a big turn off for many New Yorkers visiting MOMA, assuming it's not already the case. As for this American Folk Art Museum, it might be a shame to demolish it but I won't miss it, it just never did anything for me."—carlitony [Amid Criticism, Architect Defends MoMA Plan As 'Only Option']