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Very Suburban $2M Windsor Terrace House Sets Record

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A two-car garage, a big back yard, wall-to-wall carpeting—everything about the stand-alone house at 107 Terrace Place screams "suburbia"—except for the fact that it's located in Brooklyn. Though some might scoff at the suburban-ness of it, it's those characteristics that led to the house setting a price record for Windsor Terrace when it sold for $1.98 million earlier this month. The Daily News reports that the previous neighborhood record was held by a much more New York-esque limestone house at 18 Sherman Street, which sold for $1.9M in 2007. The sellers of the two-family house on Terrace Place bought it in 2011 for $1.2M, and they fully renovated it to create a three-bedroom rental on the top floor and a 3,500-square-foot owners' unit on the lower two floors.

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