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SUNY 'Reopens' Bidding For Contentious LICH Redevelopment

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In the latest addendum to what is already an epic trail of financial insolvency, indecisiveness, controversy, and delays, SUNY has decided to reopen the bidding for Long Island College Hospital's redevelopment—but only to revised plans from suitors whose proposals were originally received before the RFP's initial deadline last fall. The various folks who put their hats in the ring have just a few days, until February 3, to resubmit ideas. Those include Fortis Property Group and NYU Langone Medical Center's plan for a health care facility plus condos, as well as Brooklyn Hospital Center's bid for a medical center and 1,000 rentals. The ailing hospital's operator bought some more time and made this move in the name of openness and transparency, stating that after all the updated designs are received they will be made public before an award is granted to the winning plan.

There remain staunch opponents who want to keep LICH functioning as a full-service hospital without any residential real estate component, and they are ready to continue their public fight in an upcoming court date on February 11. The Cobble Hill Association's president slammed SUNY's decision: "SUNY has not reopened its RFP process: it has simply given its favored parties an opportunity to make their condo proposals look less repugnant." They will be happy to learn that one of the proposals, previously unpublicized till now, wants to keep a complete hospital on the site. The plan, put forth by Manhattan's Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization, the Eastern Chinese American Physicians IPA, and Brisa Builders Corp., calls for "and 'outright purchase' of LICH core properties" that would eventually result in a 250-bed hospital. (LICH currently has 506.) So who will emerge victorious from this swirl of proposals and do-overs?
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