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Queens Activists Want To Extend Motor Parkway Greenway

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In Eastern Queens, a community of activists is hoping to develop a safe pedestrian path to provide options beyond the Union Turnpike, one of the borough's most dangerous places to walk or bike due to lack of consistent sidewalks. In an effort spearheaded by professor and Hollis Hills resident Joby Jacob, the group seeks to develop what they are calling Motor Parkway East. This would be an extension to the existing greenway on the former Long Island Motor Parkway, which has been a multi-use path since the road closed in the late 1930s.

Motor Parkway East would serve residents of Glen Oaks, Douglaston, Floral Park, Bellaire, Bellerose, Little Neck and New Hyde Park who have no safe way of accessing the pedestrian belt by foot. The extension would parallel Union Turnpike and provide a corridor that would cross only through state- and city- managed property. "There's absolutely no eminent domain involved," Jacob notes, "There's absolutely no inconvenience to a single neighbor." The group articulates a clear and inspiring plan for development on the Motor Parkway East website. Now, all they need is a little bit of momentum—the support of some elected officials and a strong petition—to get the bike wheels rolling down this prospective greenway.
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