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Gowanus Bat Cave Needs Decontamination Before Development

The Gowanus Bat Cave, which is actually a giant, abandoned MTA powerhouse along the banks of the neighborhood's canal that holds a magnetic attraction for urban explorers, might actually, finally get cleaned up. The state has set out a remediation plan (warning: PDF!) that would clean up the brownfield site. According to First and Court, proposed measures include disposing of contaminated soil as well as "[a]reas of concentrated solid or semi-solid hazardous substances." Yum. Comments and feedback on the plan will be accepted from today until February 17.

That would pave the way for owner-developer Joshua Rechnitz (he of Brooklyn Bridge Park's erstwhile velodrome plan) to either put an art gallery and studio space on the site near Third Avenue and Third Street—rather near the new Gowanus Whole Foods, in fact—or perhaps return to older plans for a large residential project. Let's get it habitable first, eh?
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