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Big Reveal: $1.165 Million for a 2BR/2BA Boerum Hill Duplex

The guesses started out on the low side for this Boerum Hill condo, with the second commenter—possibly facetiously—going with "$189,000 and not a penny more." Everything after that, however, was more or less in the ballpark. The rest of the guesses ranged from $850,000 to $1.35 million, but it was Captain Cranky Pants who came the closest. With a guess of $1.155 million, he or she was only $10K below the actual asking price, and explained his or her thought process like so: "Pretty nice place in a decent area. Definitely over 1 million. Say the apartment is 1100 sq ft and $1000 psf plus the terrace for change." That's some solid appraising.
· Listing: 457 Atlantic Avenue #5A [Corcoran]
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