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Imagine This $20 Million Kids' Center As A Lavish UES Mansion

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East 88th Street's Rhinelander Children's Center is for sale—yet another property that the Children's Aid Society is selling off—and brokers slapped it with a $20 million price tag last month. Beyond a teaser site dubbing it "The Rhinelander" and some intriguing brokerbabble hinting at conversion options (Boutique condominiums? A corporate or non-profit office?), the Tavivian Sporn Team at Douglas Elliman and Cushman & Wakefield are trying another marketing tactic. They've hired SHoP Architects (of course) Gotham Photo Company to create a floorplan for a luxe single-family mansion so potential buyers can see just how much potential the five-floor, 15,000-square-foot house with two terraces really has. Yes, there's both a ballroom and a swimming pool, plus five bedrooms and a basement kitted out with a fitness center, sauna, screening room, and wine storage. This commenter, who enjoyed the thought of a 50-foot-wide single-family, will be happy, but will a hypothetical floorplan actually attract a buyer for 350 East 88th Street?

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post said that SHoP had worked on the hypothetical floorplan. Tavivian Sporn reps have amended the initial information given to Curbed, now saying: "SHoP only provided informal advice without approval and that they are not retained nor will be working on this project in any capacity."

For contrast, here are photos and a floorplan of the space as it currently stands:

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