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Jarmulowsky Bank Building's Signature Feature To Be Restored

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Great news for architecture lovers and the Lower East Side skyline: the iconic cupola atop the Jarmulowsky Bank Building is going to be restored after all. The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved plans over a year ago to restore the former bank so that it could be converted into a 105-room hotel, but architect Ron Castellano's proposal did not include bringing back the 50-foot cupola, removed during a 1990 renovation, as that was determined to be prohibitively expensive. But now developers DLJ Real Estate Partners have decided that—expenses be damned—the Jarmulowsky Building needs its cupola (alternately referred to as a tempietto or a dome) and the new plans will be brought back to Community Board and the LPC, both of whom will undoubtedly be elated to see them again. The hotel is scheduled to open in the second half of 2015.
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