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What's Going On With Greenpoint's Newtown Creek Boathouse?

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Plans for a boathouse and education center on the Superfund Newtown Creek in Greenpoint were given the green light back in 2011 when the state approved $3 million in funds for the project. But since then, it's been slow going for the boathouse, which is supposed to be constructed on the ground floor of the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center at the end of Manhattan Avenue at Ash Street. Last summer, a Times article mentioned that the "new location is still being negotiated," but the North Brooklyn Boat Club hopes the facility will be complete within two years. Currently, the Boat Club operates from a lot just down the block at 51 Ash Street near the Pulaski Bridge, and Miss Heather of New York Shitty, resident neighborhood blogger, unearthed some intriguing information about that property.

In late December, plans for a new four-story building were filed for the site. They are still pending with the Department of Buildings, but they are for an 18,100-square-foot "transient hotel and community facility (private club non for profit)." The owners are listed as Tony and Gina Argento of Broadway Stages. Miss Heather seems certain that this is related to the new boathouse, but we've reached out to Broadway Stages and the Boat Club for more information. No matter what the case, changes are certainly on the horizon for Boat Club.

UPDATE: Dewey Thompson of the North Brooklyn Boat Club reached out to confirm a few details.

According to Thompson, the North Brooklyn Boat Club will likely be the occupant of the community space in the new building that's planned for 51 Ash Street. Broadway Stages has let the boat club operate on the site rent-free for several years now, and they are currently in talks to give the club a permanent home in this new structure. Thompson said no lease has yet been signed, but it's looking very likely. The new boathouse would have 8,000-square-feet of space on the ground floor for an education center, boat storage, and public access to the water.

Thompson also said that the plan for locating the boathouse in the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center down the block fell through because they could not work out an agreement. They hope to finalize plans with Broadway Stages in the coming weeks. As for the "transient hotel" part of the new building, it seems like it will be lodging for production staff working with Broadway Stages (not a traditional hotel).
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