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"I'm an old-timer and very long-time resident. Paddling on the East River with NBBC this past spring and summer has been a life changing experience. ... As a community group, made up almost entirely of of renters and Greenpoint locals, I think it's safe to say that nobody is looking forward to the coming development; the group just seeks to maintain public access to our waterways. ... I'm speaking only from personal experience and not for the group, but I know there are a lot of savvy local activists involved in the leadership, and I deeply trust that there's nothing sinister or 'pro-development' in NBBC's activities or plans. These are people who have been following the rezoning and development plans closely since the very beginning, for over a decade, and nobody's happy about it, at all. It's coming, and we all will have to deal with it, along with the 50,000(!) people it will bring to the North end of our neighborhood."—ash street hobo [What's Going On With Greenpoint's Newtown Creek Boathouse?]