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How Much Are Super Bowl Players Worth In NYC Real Estate?

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For those who love real estate more than football, here's a fun way to dissect this weekend's big game. CityRealty took to Twitter, unveiling every day the worth of a different Broncos' or Seahawks' player's contract—and then how much that amount would be worth in rather expensive trophy apartments across various prominent New York City buildings. Denver quarterback Peyton Manning's $96 million contract, for example, could get him that insane $95 million unit at the Sherry Netherland. Then there's Seattle wide receiver Percy Harvin, who nets $67M, so he is paired up with the 6,000-square-foot pad that steel tycoon Leroy Schecter is trying to sell off at 15 Central Park West. More of those fun and very random comparisons, mapped, right this way.

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