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Equinox, Village Preservationists Once Again Battling Over Ad

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Consider this a rematch. In a comedic reprisal of the early 2010 scandal that rocked Greenwich Village preservationists to the core, Equinox has again plastered the façade of their 97 Greenwich Avenue historic-district location with a three-story advertisement. The gym's main opponent, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, is not having it. In their attempts to wrestle the fitness powerhouse into taking the imagery down, GVSHP has cited the advertisement as illegal, an eyesore, and unsafe due to its installation null of landmarks or building permits.

The Society has reached out to Equinox urging the gym giant to take them down, but to no avail. It seems the company has chosen to flex their muscles in non-response instead. Even more compelling: this go-around, the advertisement reads, "Dear Greenwich Village, Equinox made me do it."
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