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Details Revealed for Soon-To-Be-Razed Fort Greene Compound

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When it was reported earlier this month that 164 South Oxford Street, the Fort Greene compound that locals and preservationists worried could be turned into a soulless apartment building, little was known about the buyers except the price they paid for the property ($7.5 million) and the fact that they were probably going to turn it into a soulless apartment building.

Now, new details have emerged from permits spotted by BuzzBuzz Home and it turns out that the new owners are East River Partners, developers known for converting brownstones into apartment buildings throughout Brooklyn. And it turns out that they are building not one but two new adjacent apartment buildings (the degree to which they will lack soul remains to be seen). However, each of the two buildings will be only four stories tall, so it could probably be a lot worse, as former owner Marc Lambrechts transferred all the air rights from his own townhouse on the property in order to sweeten the deal. The two buildings will each be 50 feet tall and contain a combined total of 14 units. Demolition permits have also been filed.
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