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15 Central Park West Pad Wants $11 Million Profit, Of Course

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This 2,761-square-foot, 3BR/3.5BA apartment is located in 15 Central Park West and therefore it is probably about to earn its owner a ludicrous amount of money, because that is just the way that things work in this world. The apartment was first purchased in 2007 for $7.86 million and flipped the following year for $14 million, obviously. The new owner, Bunker Hill Properties, Inc., sat on it for five years and has now put it back on the market for $25 million, which comes out to $9,054 per square foot. Sounds absurd about right. The listing is barely even trying, not that it really needs to, with 300-pixel-wide photos and a dead link to the brokers' website.

Incidentally, that price, according to Streeteasy, makes this unit the fifth most expensive per square foot apartment currently available in New York City. The first, of course, is the somehow-still-on-the-market $100 million City Spire penthouse, asking $12,500 per square foot. The rest of the top ten is rounded out by a $70 million combo in 15 Central Park West, a $62 million duplex in 15 Central Park West, Steve Cohen's ridiculous One Beacon Court penthouse, and five other obscenely expensive apartments, including, for good measure, one more in 15 Central Park West.

In conclusion, 15 Central Park West is expensive.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023