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These Renderings Look Like Something Out of Super Mario Bros

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We're big fans of the new rule that requires developers to post renderings on construction fences, not just because it gives us a look at a lot of renderings that we would have otherwise had to wait for/never seen, but because it gives us renderings like this one. The Nintendo-esque shrubbery is what really makes it. We get the sense that whoever ends up living in 822 St. Johns Place is going to have to jump on a lot of toadstools and turtles on the way into the building.

820 and 822 St. Johns Street, formerly owned by Armstrong Funeral Home, were sold to an LLC for $1.75 million in October. The plan is to convert them both into five-story residential buildings, using multiple pixels. Just down the block, 830 St. Johns Place is also going residential.
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