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A Proposal To Protect Manhattan With Trash-Filled Containers

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Climate change has young designers and architects thinking way outside the box for ways to protect New York City—artificial islands, giant absorbent webs, buildings with permeable skins—but a finalist in the 2013 ONE Prize found inspiration, literally, inside the box. Designers Ishaan Kumar, Arianna Armelli, and David Sepulveda proposed [CONTAINED] (yes, the brackets are part of the name), a plan to stormproof Manhattan by surrounding the island with hundreds of garbage-filled shipping containers. As will all bonkers design competitions, concrete how-this-would-work facts are passed over for esoteric archibabble, but the gist is that by surrounding themselves with their trash, New Yorkers would be protected from future floods and save the city the $980M that it costs to ship waste elsewhere. Thought experiments about rising sea levels are always fun, but we'll take wetlands or webs over a wall of garbage.

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