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Another Skylofts Resale Thinks it Deserves $13.6 Million

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The owner of apartment no. 14B in the Annabelle Selldorf-designed [EDIT: this unit was designed by Rogers Marvel Architects and later redesigned by Gary Lee Partners] Skylofts is hoping to resell it at a huge profit, having listed it for $13.6 million after paying $3.7 million in 2006. This, in and of itself, is not particularly surprising—Skylofts owners often try to flip their units for large amounts of money. The weird thing, though (or maybe not), is that it doesn't seem like these flip attempts have have been very successful. The building's first resale attempt, which dates back to 2009, remains on the market, stubbornly—perhaps insanely—upping its asking price. Another unit was listed this year for almost double what the owners paid for it in 2006, and was later taken off the market. A third resale listing actually did go into contract in October, but only after chopping $1.55 million off its asking price. There's also the absurd, ridiculous penthouse, which has seen its price bounce up and down in the mid-$40 millions and is currently off the market.

And then there's no. 14B, which un-Google-able owner James Johnson hopes will net him a 271 percent return on investment. Will it? Probably not? But is it worth a shot? Also maybe not. But then again, who knows.

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