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Methodist Hospital Shortens Itself A Bit To Appease Neighbors

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[To the left, the old rendering of the hospital's expansion; to the right, a tweaked version.]

New York Methodist Hospital's controversial expansion plans, which Park Slope residents absolutely, positively abhorred, went back to the drawing board last month—and now the institution is ready to unveil tweaked renderings tonight. DNAinfo first spotted some new renderings above and below on its official website (warning:PDF!), which really look rather similar to the old designs.

Seemingly imperceptible differences? Well, according to Brooklyn Paper, the revised iterations of the U-shaped complex "pull back parts of the upper glass facade on the eight-story building slated for Fifth Street, Eighth Avenue, and Sixth Street" and "moves back the three-story glass facade along Fifth Street that makes up floors five through seven and similarly reins in part of the upper glass shell closest to the intersection of Fifth Street and Eighth Avenue." The hospital says it has made upwards of 20 changes to their plan in order to appease community members, but those who very firmly and loudly hold that the expansion is not only out of context with a low-rise neighborhood but will also bring traffic and other scourges to the area are not likely to be so easily placated at tonight's community board meeting.

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